Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200
Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200

Cheap living room sets under 200 is not so hard to find. Clothing enhances the beauty of a person, similarly an attractive furniture is able to enhance the beauty of the living room.

Today I’ll share 7 best sofas, couches, Coffee table and Love-seat under $200 for your living space. So that you can carefully collect the best living room sets within your budget.

7 Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200

After a long time of research, we have succeeded to find 7 best cheap living room sets under 200 for your living space. Browse our latest best selection of living room sets.

1. L-Shaped Sectional Sofa Couch
cheap living room sets under 200
2. Novogratz Sectional Futon Sofa
living room sets under 200
3. Convertible Walsunny Sectional Sofa
cheap living room sets under 200 (1)
4. Fabric SOFA Grayson Micro
cheap living room furniture sets under 200
5. Loveseat Set and 2 Piece Sofa
cheap living room sets under 200
6. Walter Recliner Christopher Knight
living room sets under 200
7. Prospect Upholstered Contemporary Loveseat
Loveseat under 200

# Living Room Sectional Couch Sets L-Shaped

If you are a beauty lover then the attractive variety of HONBAY Convertible L Shaped Sectional Sofa will touch your heart.

We’ve picked out this great low cost living room set for you by searching / reviewing all over the web.

This is a great home decor material for any living space. Its seats are very soft and comfortable which is effective enough to rest in your leisure time.

Its frame is made of high quality hard and strong wood. The seats are made of modern linen fabric so the sofa is very soft and smooth. As a result, there is no risk of pain in the user’s back or spine.

Even if your living room is large or small in size, there is no reason to worry. Because it is suitable for large spaces as well as for small or medium rom.

Because if your living room is a lot of borough size, you must not put furniture all over the place.

Keep some space or other home decor items. So you can buy this couch without any hesitation to enhance the beauty of that room.

A big attraction of this living room set is the retro star with lung. You can use this retro star as an Ottoman or any other extension on either side of the sectional sofa if you wish.

A big attraction of this living room set is the retro star with lung. You can use this retro star as an Ottoman or another extension on either the right or left side of the sectional sofa.

The HONBAY Convertible L Shaped Sectional has surpassed other brands in terms of attractiveness, flexibility, craftsmanship, durability, usability and ideal quality.

Even if you have a pet or pet in your home, there is nothing to worry about. Because it is strong enough and durable.

There is no risk of the coach breaking or the foam bursting in the lap of children or pets. This modern living room set is as easy to assemble as it is easy to clean and care for.

This remarkable couch is available in two dazzling colors, Dark Gray and Light Gray. This modern living room set is as easy to assemble as it is easy to clean and care for.

It measures (78.5 x 30.3 x 35) inches and weighs 660 pounds. Within the time limit of the order, the sofa of the customer’s choice is delivered to the customer safely with great care.

Within 1 month after purchase, if there is any problem with the sofa, you can return or change the sofa. Not only that, with the purchase there is more one year warranty facility.

# Novogratz Sectional Living Room Futon Sofa Sets

Just as clothing enhances the physical beauty of a person, so tasteful and attractive furniture enhances the beauty of the living room.

This fascinating futon is not only beautiful to look at but also incomparable. This living room set is the wonderful attraction of Novogratz Futon affordable.

It is at the top of all the competitors in the market as it is made of a combination of high quality materials.

This Novogratz Brittany footen can be easily converted to bed by following the instructions.

It allows you to sit comfortably and use it as a place to sleep in peace. This modern futon is light in weight so it does not require extra effort to set up.

One of the advantages of this is that when moving the house and changing the room, you do not feel any annoyance or fatigue to move the futon sofa.

There is no problem to clean it. It is made of solid and stable wooden frame, hard rubber wooden legs and polyester fabric like linen.

Which carries the identity of long-term use. The combination of curved arm grates and slated legs makes the futon more auspicious.

It can be used in living sizes, offices and apartments of all sizes. You do not have to worry about stains using this fascinating futon.

Because it is resistant to stains and water. The removable cushion cover of this living room set can protect the phyton from any stains and water damage.

Funeral sleep levels are (70.50 x 43.5 x 16) inches and Futon dimensions are 81.5 x 34.5 x 31.5 inches.

According to the demand of the customers, the 10 colors that are currently available are Gray, Pink, Dark Gray, Green, Light Gray, Orange, Navy Blue, Mustard, Light Blue and Camel Faux Leather.

#Convertible Walsunny Sectional Living Room Sofa Sets

The L-shaped sectional sofa couch is one of the most popular and in-demand furniture in the modern world. This sofa is able to attract the attention of any person for its unique quality.

The type of feature section you expect for your living room walsunoy Convertible Sofa can meet your expectations.

There is no substitute for this sofa for chatting, having fun and telling stories with family members, friends and guests.

There is no risk of the sofa breaking even when many people are sitting together and making jokes.

Assembling this wallsunny convertile sectional sofa does not require any kind of equipment so anyone can install the sofa in a short time by following the instructions alone.

This living room set features a reversible chaise loung. You can also set up this reversible chaise on any side of the departmental sofa as you wish.

You can also use the sectional star as an ottoman or extra seat if you wish.

Don’t worry if your living room is small or medium sized. Because the sofa can be easily placed in any size of living room.

The walsunny convertible sofa is as great as it is durable. The frame of this living room set is made of very hard wood.

The sofa seat is soft and fluffy. Anyone who sits for a long time does not feel any fatigue or pain in the body.

This sectional sofa is suitable for any apartment, office, living space and waiting room.

The dimensions of this sectional sofa set are (77.55 x 27.56 x 35.43) inches and its weight capacity is 660 pounds.

After much deliberation about this sofa, we did not find any fault. So we would highly recommend you to

This coach is available in 4 colors in the current market. Sofas of every color are very beautiful and extraordinary.

If you want to match the color of your living room, you can buy a sofa of your choice in the colors of Beige, Dark Khaki, Brown and Dark Gray to make your living room pleasant and well-appointed.

You don’t have to worry about this sofa getting damaged. Because with this purchase you get 1 year warranty with 30 days guarantee.

# Micro fabric Grayson Living Room Sofa Set (under $200):

Grayson Microfiber Sofa is the nice, durable, soft and comfortable sofa of NEW design for any living room space. If you have the value of money, you can purchase it at the cheapest price.

If you compare it to hundred types of sectional sofa, you will notice the beauty and purity of it and you will be encouraged to buy it yourself . It’s really the great and incredibly surprising couch for the quality of it for any family. 

When you set it up in your living space, you can perform it easily. It’s also easy to maintain and care for anytime. After setting up it enhances the beauty of the room.

There are 2 colors of sectionals here, each of colors which is very beautiful. You can choose the best color of sectionals in your choice for your living spaces.

For all purposes it can be used quickly in a simple assembly process. This sofa has a high density of seat foam and back foam which carries the evidence of long lasting use. 

There is nothing to worry about whether your room is small, medium or large in size. Because this sofa has less equipment, you can place it in a room of any size in less time.

Cheap living room sets under 200 details:

Setting up and maintaining are easy

Can be easily put together

Easy to use in tool-less assembly process

Capacity of seat is heavy duty

Color: 2 colors are available. Black and Dark Grey.

Material: 100% Polyester Upholstery Microfiber and Wood Frame and Real Wood Legs. 

Brand: LifeStyle Solutions

Height Of Seat: 17 inches

Depth Of Seat: 20.5 inches

Dimension: 80.3″ x 31.5″ x 33.9″

Price: Check Price On Amazon

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# 2 Piece Living Room Set Sofa and Love-seat (under $200) :

Love-seat is a type of furniture that is a symbol of beauty and sophistication. It is very luxurious and charming furniture for the living room or bedroom. Its price is very low compared to the requirements and quality which you can easily buy from the value of your money. 

This Loveseat is also incomparable in size and color. No matter how small or large your home is, you can place it anywhere as it is suitable for rooms of all sizes.

It allows two adults to sit comfortably. It’s  a sturdy and heavy loveseat. The fabric is so great that the possibility is not destroyed even if small children and pets jump on it.`

It gives your room a touch of novelty by reinventing the iconic Chesterfield style by posing the right profile. 

This Loveseat makes the room  attractive and vibrant by providing a comfortable place in any room. You can use it for resting and reading story books at bedtime.

Due to its cherished round back of Holhostard, it can be used perfectly in any modern lounge space.

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It is decorated in polyester fabric whose inset buttons have created a beautiful diamond-cobbled design that makes the loveset attractive and elegant. Its craftsmanship is so perfect that it plays an important role in strengthening your decor.

Its legs are made of solid wood with symbolic caps on which the sofa is skillfully made.

This remarkable sofa has sweeping curves and structural details that are capable of transforming any modern home into a suitable focal point.

Brand: Modway

Seat Depth: 21.5 inches

Seat Back Height: 12.5 inches

Price: Check Price On Amazon

# Christopher Walter Living Room Set Recliner Knight (under $200)

This attractive, comfortable and strong recliner can create a refreshing atmosphere in your room.

It is comfortable for your feet as well as relaxing furniture for the whole body. Its cushions are soft which is supportive for your spine.

It can be easily set in your living room, bedroom or office room. Its legs are made of strong wood which carries the identity of long-term use.

It is also very perfect in terms of size and color. The measurement of this recliner is 29.50 “D x 35.00” W x 40.50 “H. Light Sky, Dark Blue, Brown, Charcoal, Light Beige and Light Grey are available.

# 3-Piece Wooden Murphy Table Set (under $200)

Cooling the house and decorating the brackets, this awesome coffee table is perfect for rooms of all sizes.

The materials of this coffee table are high quality soft wood, engineered wood and metal. These (Cheap living room sets under 200) are as easy to assemble as they are to protect.

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200 1

Designed and manufactured by Ashley Furniture Industries, it is such a reliable and durable table set in terms of price. There are three pieces in this table set. 

Measurement of the Center cocktail table is 46″ W x 26″ D x 20.25″ H. Height of End table shelf- 1.88 inches and each measurement of 2 end tables is 20″ W x 26″ D x 25″ H.

# Atlantic Book Shelves Adjustable (under $200)

It is a good quality and perfect bookcase which is manufactured from composite wood. It has three tiers. Each one can hold many books. 

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200 2

This bookcase is also accurate in terms of size. You can easily put and assemble it anywhere in your room without any hassle.

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200 3

The simple stylish design of this shelf is very effective and it is fit for any room. This bookshelf is beautiful and decorative to look at. 

Dimension of it is 9.5 x 24.5 x 40.3 inch. Seven colors are available. These colors are Black, Espresso, Columbia Walnut, White, Pink, Light Blue and French Oak Grey.

# Modern Plush Area Rug (under $200):-

This rug is soft, thick, durable and comfortable. This is the great rug which enhances the beauty of your living room space. One of the features of this skid proof carpet is that it has a soft touch feeling which helps to keep your body and mind fresh and cheerful.

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200 4

It’s appropriate for women yoga, children play and home decoration.

You can use it in your living room, bed room, game room and dorm or secondary room.You can also use it easily for computer chairs,  coffee table, dining table, bedroom, study room, floating window, hall, the hallway etc.

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200 5

I think that it is  the perfect rug at the quality for the price. You can purchase it in your limit of money. If you compare it to hundred dollar rugs, it will be able to ornate your living  space within the cheap money.

You can install, use and maintain it easily and it’s also easy to care for and clean. You can wash it by using a machine but don’t  try to dry using the machine. I suggest you dry this rug in air.

Since it’s fur is long, maximum placement in a vacuum will work best. To flat this rug no need to add heavy weighty things on it. It will be flat by itself within a few days.

It gives pleasure by  providing a nice touch and makes the room attractive. Each of rugs which  is very beautiful. You can  purchase the best color of rug in your choice from here.

This rug is made from synthetic material which is super soft and it is thick enough when it is set on living room space.  

Cheap living Room Sets under 200 Details:

  • Fit for women yoga, children play and home decorate.
  • It’s shifty, thick and comfortable.
  • Easy to use, clean and install.
  • Great decorative for living room space.
  • Ideal to keep warm during cold winter weathers.
  • Usable under computer chairs, bedroom,  dining table, bedroom,  coffee table, study, by the bed,  floating window, hall, the hallway, bedroom etc.
  • Suggestion: Please dry in air and not try to dry with a machine.

    Color: 16 colors are available.

    Material: Synthetic

    Shape: Rectangle and Round

    Brand: ACTCUT

    Measurement: 47.2* 63 inches (120*160 cm)

    Price: Check Price On Amazon

    # Coylin Glass Modern Coffee Table (under $200)

    Are you looking for a quality eye-catching coffee table for your living room? Then this versatile, trendy and refined cocktail glass table may be one of your choices.

    Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200 6

    It is very durable compared to the price. You can buy it from your limited budget. Its size is correct so you can easily place and assemble it in any size room in less time.

    It is square in shape and beautiful to look at. This table is made of high quality material. The support bars of this table are made with brush nickel tones making the table look more modern and charming.

    Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200 7

    It is made of clean glass and a bevel tabletop metal, and the transparent glass at the top of the table and  its legs which are made from angled metals, making the surrounding environment highly shiny.

    This coffee table is very strong which is suitable for long term use. Its top glass is also stiff enough, there is usually no fear of breaking.

    You can buy it (Cheap living room furniture sets under 200) with full confidence. Because Ashley Furniture Industries designed and made this table. The quality of this table is so good and the reliability is high because it has been created considering all the stylish furniture, rugs and accessories of any room.

    You do not have to worry about damage or delay of it after ordering . Because Ashley Furniture provides your purchase directly with protection from the manufacturer in time.

    Dimension: 34.25’’ W x 34.25’’ D x 16.5’’ H

    # NICETOWN Window Blackout Curtain (under $200)

    This Curtain protects the privacy of the room as well as prevents some unwanted light from entering the room. It protects furniture, floors and works of art from sun damage.

    Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200 8

    The set (Cheap living room sets under 200) has two separate blackout screen panels. Each panel is sold individually. It is suitable for use in any room and perfect compared to the price.

    The curtain is made of quality fabric which makes it soft, heavy, thread-free and wrinkle-free. Its color and stitching are also very perfect with the same color appearing on both sides.

    Cheap Living Room Sets Under 200 9

    The set has two separate blackout screen panels. Each panel is sold individually. It is suitable for use in any room and perfect compared to the price.

    You can clean and care for it easily. It can be washed by machine at the water temperature below 86F . You can also wash it by hand if you want  but do not bleach.

    It maintains room temperature balance by protecting the house from unbearably hot heat in summer and from cold during winter.

    The design of this curtain has efficient energy which is able to absorb the lost energy through the window. 

    Another notable feature of this screen is that it darkens the room as well as prevents outside noise from entering the room.

    Cheap Living Room Furniture Sets Under 200

    After setting these curtains, you can sleep peacefully during the day as outside noise and light will not be able to penetrate the curtains and disturb your sleep.

    There are 19 colors and different sizes of curtains are available.

    You can also see here the best ones cheap living room sets under $300, $500 and $700 .

    What to Look When You Buy Cheap Living Room Furniture Sets Under 200 of Good Quality?

    Every human being wants to make proper use of the money earned in return for his hard work. You certainly want that too. You also do not want your hard earned money to be misused.

    When you decide to buy a living room set of less than 200 for your living room, you will find many cheap living room sets in this budget.

    So say every living room set you find may not be right for you. So before buying a set, there are some things that should be considered wisely.

    For the convenience of your consideration, I am highlighting below some important points which must be evaluated before spending your money.

    Size of living room set:

    It is important to consider the size of the sets before purchasing. For purchases you will find different sized living room sets for a limited amount of money.

    If you choose a very small size living room set for a large room and a large size room for a small room, it would not be wise at all.

    Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. And decide which size set is right for your room.

    Or buy the right size set by measuring the area of ​​the place or area (where you plan to place the set after purchase).

    Arms of Living Room Set:

    Two types of living room sofa sets are made to decorate any living room. One is the armored living room sofa set and the other is the armless living room sofa set.

    Both sofa sets are very beautiful, high quality and comfortable. However, the more important thing to consider is that if you have children or pets in your home, then you should definitely buy a sofa set with arms.

    This is because children or pets jumping and playing on the sofa with their arms are not afraid of getting hurt after going down from the sofa.

    Material of living room set:

    Living room sets are usually made of very sturdy wood frame and high quality fabric. However, you should be sure about the quality of the fabric when you purchase.

    Most living room sets are made of linen-like fabric and leather fabric. However, when buying living room sets, choose good quality fabric.

    Because there are some fabrics that cause allergies in the human body. The interior of the living room sofa set is filled with foam and springs and its back cushions are made of inner spring.

    Reversible chaise of living room set:

    Most living rooms have sofa sets with reversible chaise. You can place this reversible chaise on either side of the living room sofa set at your convenience.

    Shaped of living room sets:

    Living room sets are usually L and U shaped. Basically U-shaped sofa sets are suitable for large families with more members.

    Living room set with Ottoman:

    You can purchase an Ottoman looking nice to enhance the beauty of your living room. You can also use this ottoman as an extra seat or coffee table if you wish.


    In conclusion, all our selected living room sets are made of high quality materials. And the price of the sets is very cheap compared to the quality of the materials.

    You can purchase the living room set of your choice from our selected sets without any worries.

    Therefore, I am hopeful that purchasing from these selected sets will complete your exploration process.

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